When OUR BODIES, OURSELVES was first published in 1970, it was the first book to give women truthful, complete information about their sexual and reproductive health. Today, our understanding of sexuality and health are radically different–yet there’s no book that synthesizes a progressive understanding of gender, ability, identity, and size. Until now.
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What They Paid to Make a Baby (or 2)

Not everyone who uses I.V.F. winds up with a baby. Five families who did reveal their out-of-pocket costs.

Wait, You Paid How Much for a Gallon of Mountain Lion Urine?

The price of 46 random liquids, from camel milk to horseshoe crab blood. Just because.

Going to Work With Danger, and Maybe Death Every Day

One in five worker deaths is in construction. At the job sites we visited, everyone said three things: Be safe, keep your eyes open — and join a union.

How We Got By: New Yorkers’ Advice for Getting Through a Crisis

Tales from the worst days of people’s lives.

The Virus Closed Her Bakery.

Now she’s working nonstop.

The Rent Is Too Damn Harrowing

Already a source of acute anxiety, rent has become a paralyzing, panic-inducing subject for many New Yorkers.