When OUR BODIES, OURSELVES was first published in 1970, it was the first book to give women truthful, complete information about their sexual and reproductive health. Today, our understanding of sexuality and health are radically different–yet there’s no book that synthesizes a progressive understanding of gender, ability, identity, and size. Until now.
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The Bedbug Hunter

“I’m an exterminator and a bedbug eliminator. I’m a consultant. I’m a psychiatrist (I’m not a psychiatrist, I’m just being facetious).”

“It’s a Good Thing I Don’t Need a Lot of Sleep.”

From the child tax credit to stimulus checks, there are a lot more questions this tax season, says the head of an accounting firm in Brooklyn.

A Ukrainian Shop Owner Responds to Patriotic Demand

An owner of a store in the East Village has been trying to hang on as long as he can. Since Russia’s invasion began, he’s seen a newfound display of solidarity.

Hard to Keep a Rhythm

“Of course the pandemic completely rearranged the blueprints for how I knew how to navigate through the world.” Three musicians on the constant shifting two years into the pandemic.

More Cheddar for Your Bread

“Every single thing that you use has gone up in price — it’s the containers, the seasonings, the olives!” Nine sandwich vendors talk inflation.

They Love Coins (Just Not Bitcoin)

Is coin collecting cool again? Four millennial and Gen Z numismatists on why they collect: “They’re little art objects you can hold in your hand.”