Apr 25, 2020

Bankrukt is Shaina Feinberg, Chris Manley, Chris Roberti and Jeff Seal. In 2014 we set out to make a video every week for a year. We achieved our goal and kept going. WFMU hero Hearty White, said we were the comedy version of Thai food – there’s a little taste of everything.

At it’s heart, Bankrukt makes comedy that is fast, fun and friendly but rooted in real emotion. And we’re not afraid to get goofy. We were commissioned by Nameless TV to create a webseries called New York, Am I Right?, which was listed as number 3 on Indiewire’s Best of 2016. And Bankrukt’s most recent work, Shiva (which blends comedy with grief) premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2017. The team has a BRICtv-produced mockumentary in the works.

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